Saturday, April 17, 2010

I need a verdict

All right folks here's a question I've been struggling with for some a while. Cristiano Ronaldo is a an amazing soccer player, I don't think anyone argues this point. But I can't decide if he's hot or if he's just a giant douche. My opinion seems to change depending on the picture.

The man does have an amazing body and isn't shy about letting the world know it.And he sure is pretty. See the following example:

But I find hat when he's not half naked he's either

  1. carrying a man bag (well he is European but still)
  2. wearing too much hair gel
  3. or making hideous fashion choices

You can find prime examples of these by doing a quick google image search but here's a couple to start:

So please vote in my poll and help me take a stance on C-Ron.

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