Saturday, April 03, 2010

Everything's coming up Milhouse

If you didn't get it that was a Simpson's reference. There aren't many times when I can say that things went exactly the way I wanted. Especially when it comes to sports. Mostly because I have no control over them. But today turned out pretty much perfectly. Sorry I'm talking about the final four here.
Frankly I didn't really care whether Michigan State or Butler won the first game. I probably could have been equally happy regardless of the result. But I am glad that Butler won. I've already decided that Gordon Hayward is going to be my college basketball boyfriend next year once Jon Scheyer has graduated. Provided he doesn't go to the NBA next year. I might cry.

As for the Duke/West Virginia game I was totally pulling for Duke in that game. I think I've made it pretty clear that I love Jon Scheyer but it never hurts to keep mentioning it. The rest of the team is growing on me too. But besides being the home of my basketball boyfriend I kind of share the rest of the world's hatred of Duke, just on principle.

So now I'm not quite sure who to cheer for. I fully expect Duke to win the National Championship and I'd love to see Scheyer win the title in is senior season. But Butler has the sort of Cinderella story going on. I might just have to see what happens and be happy either way. Or I just go with the Bulldogs. But I'm not going to cry if Duke wins. Go Bulldogs!

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