Monday, April 05, 2010

Butler is just too adorable

I was going to try not to post until after the national championship game but I felt that I needed to tell you what was going on in my head.

First of all I find myself cheering for Duke mostly because it's Scheyer's senior year and I'd like to see him win a national championship. Most of the Bulldogs are still in their early years so they at least have a chance to make it back to the final, regardless of how unlikely that is considering how tough the tournament is.

But Butler is just too cute. Everything from the bulldog logo to the actual bulldog is just adorable. For a school of just over 4,500 just getting to this point is amazing. Then there is Gordon Hayward, he really doesn't photograph well so finding the right picture to capture his cuteness is not so easy but this one is not bad (right). He's only 20 and super humble. Also he's apparently a computer engineering major (thank you wikipedia). And then there is the Butler coach Brad Stevens. He's only 33 and pretty cute in his own right.

So mostly I've just been cheering for Hayward when he has the ball and cheer for Duke the rest of the time. We'll see how it ends up. Right now it's a really tight game.

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