Thursday, April 01, 2010

The funniest thing I've seen so far today

What's a girl who isn't working and doesn't have anything to do all day going to do to waste time? Apparently read the CBSsports one blogging moment blog. Not everything on there is hilarious but some of it is good. And sometimes they find social media (youtube, twitter, facebook) source material that is worth sharing.

Like this gem from the Duke basketball team:

Granted it's terrible but it's got some things going for it. For one the production value, it's well done even if the acting is terrible. And two, it features Jon Scheyer who should probably not take up acting as a career but makes me love him more every time I see him. Third, the sweaty johnson! And Kyle Singler being attacked by lemurs. This is great stuff.

I'm going to miss the tournament when it's all over and my basketball boyfriends retire from college hoops.

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JTS said...

Must stop watching stupid Duke youtube videos. Even Kyle Singler is growing on me.