Thursday, August 12, 2010


Sometimes being nice just has it's own rewards.

So my brother and I have been going to Folklorama shows for the past two weeks. We whipped through our first family pack by Thursday of last week and thought we could easily get through another by the end of this week. However circumstances were not in our favor. He was tired, then I was sick, then he had stuff to do, and when we did go to a show on Tuesday I forgot to take the tickets. So we had a lot of tickets left when my older brother and I finally did get to a show tonight.

I looked at the family pack which had 10 tickets left and thought there's no way I'm going to use all of these in the next 3 days (Folklorama ends on Sunday) so I turned to the group behind us and asked if they already had tickets. They didn't so I offered to use some of my prepaid tickets to pay for their admission. We all missed the first show cut off by about 10 people so the organizers of the pavilion shuffled us upstairs to see the cultural displays and get some food before the show. Although some of the food was downstairs but they took us to get it and we were allowed to bring it up. Once my brother and I had gotten our downstairs food and found our way upstairs again we were sitting at the same table as the group of young girls (and a mother) that I had paid for. So we chatted a bit. Then we went down to watch the second show. Just before the show started the mom comes up to me with a plastic bag and says "the girls just wanted to say thanks". The bag was filled with all sorts of Scandinavian (that's the pavilion we went to tonight) goodies, Daim chocolates, some sort of Swedish strawberry cream cookies, Danish baking.

So it just goes to show that sometimes doing something out of the goodness of your heart has rewards. I didn't expect anything in return for admission I just thought I'd do a good deed for today. But I thought it would be rude to refuse the gift. So now I'm just going to have to eat sweets for the next week. THANKS GIRLS!

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