Saturday, August 07, 2010

Another Random Sighting

Okay it's been a couple of years since the first one. About 4 in fact but still. Tonight I had another random run in with Jonathan Toews. The first one happened when me and my friend went to the mall, then to River City Sports and finally to Tim Horton's where he was with his family. Kinda strange but it was also a little exciting.

Tonight I was at the club with a couple of friends for a friend's birthday. I haven't been to a bar in about 6 months. Not since the last birthday party I attended. And who should arrive at the bar about 10 minutes later but our favorite Conn Smythe trophy winner. I knew right away that it was him but I didn't care, he's a young guy out on the town, big deal. But all night long you heard whispers of "Jonathan Toews". Then the birthday girl found me on her way to the bathroom and got really excited to tell me he was there.

So if it's not a big deal why am I writing about it? More to keep track of it than anything else. I mean if it keeps happening I have to assume he's stalking me, right? For the record I'm just kidding about the stalking part.

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