Thursday, July 31, 2008

My guilty pleasures

Everyone has things that they do that they don't necessarily want to own up to. Things that if made public may ruin whatever sort of image they are trying to put forward. You can try to tell me that you're not grooming some sort of image but even if something seems to be your second nature there is still an image being created. For example my style when I'm just hanging out at home is much different than how I would dress for work. However I'm getting way off where I was going with this.

I have quite a few guilty pleasures. The first one is romance novels. Not just love stories but really cheesy, you-already-know-what's-going-to-happen-from-reading-the-first-page romance novels. The second is bad Canadian TV shows. I blame this on my upbringing of watching every episode of the original Degrassi ever made. Shows I watch on a weekly basis include Instant Star, Blood Ties and The Murdoch Mysteries. The last one in this quick list is ordering pizza so that I can talk to the cute delivery guy. I try not to do it very often because ordering out is expensive but it's especially nice after a long day when I probably wasn't going to cook anyway.

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