Sunday, October 26, 2008

All I'm Asking For is a Little Consistency

Once again Drew Brees put up Ginormous numbers this week. Which is good because Denver is on a bye week so I had to play him in fantasy football. Not only did the Saints score a ton of points but they also beat the Chargers. I think I've mentioned that Philip Rivers is a giant douche. It would be nice though if Brees could at least be a little consistent. I mean I won last week's match up but only barely.

I won't actually know the results of this week's matchup until Tuesday because my opponent has 3 guys starting in the Monday night game. But I do know that I shouldn't have played Plaxico Burress since you know didn't start. I even checked to see if he was starting this morning and there was nothing to say that he wouldn't. Frick! It's still probably a better choice than Braylon Edwards.

Also can Tony Romo please get better? I really need better production out of Marion Barber. Although given that Romo is dating Jessica Simpson I'm sure this injury is making him stupider. I can just imagine brain cells being lost every time she talks. On the plus side I know that my opponent this week would have normally played Romo and he got stuck with Roethlisberger instead.

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