Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why October 14 will determine my life path

First a little public service announcement. As most of you are now aware there is a Federal election going on. If you haven't gone to vote in the advanced polls make sure you get out on Tuesday. Same goes for Americans though you still have some time to decide.

Okay on with the show. Has anyone noticed this "global economic crisis" that's going on? Can you name me one place that it has yet to really hit hard? If you guessed Canada well that *ding,ding,ding,ding*.

This is likely to change if the Liberals are able to implement their Green Shift plan. In a time where there are very few world economies that are still managing to hold their own Canada has. There is one sector in particular which is showing growth, the oil industry. Taxing oil companies (which are the big target of the Green Shift) is one sure fire way to limit future growth, tax them too much and they might leave all together.

If we were in a booming economy and not heading toward an imminent recession I would say vote however the hell you want, seriously vote communist if you want. But if you vote Liberal to stop a Conservative majority (which quite obviously not going to happen at this point anyway) you're being dumb. If the Liberals win this election it will prove to me that the Canadian public is full of dumb people. Now I believe in democracy so if more Liberals are elected to government than Conservative that's the will of the people. But I don't want to live in a country full of stupid people.

A couple of notes before I end here:
1) I was probably always going to leave Canada, I just never really thought it would be this soon
2) If someone is willing to take my bet I'm willing to bet $10 that the Green Shift will not be implemented in it's entirety (or likely at all) before the next election.

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