Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Because I feel like the Tim Tebow tag doesn't get used enough

At some point when I was in the beginning crushing stages I decided that I would likely need a Tim Tebow tag. I've used it a whole once in conjunction with a jorts tag. But since I'm bored and this tag doesn't get enough use and his shirt is REALLY tight in this picture:

One other random note there is a guy at my work who likes to pretend he's Tim Tebow because I once told him that he kind of looks like him. In fact he called me one day at work pretending to be Tim Tebow. Funniest conversation ever.

1 comment:

JTS said...

Clearly Tebow's roomate told him to wear which ever shirt makes him feel more comfortable.

I don't have the patience to find the video clip but it's from Undergrads.