Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why I don't feel the Need for Charitable Giving

Damn election, it's making me think about things. Also it's time for my company's annual charity campaign where they try to entice us to sign up for payroll deductions to give to charity. There is one guy at work that we tease about his scrooge-like attitude when it comes to stuff like this, but this election has got me coming around a bit to his way of thinking.

See I already give charitable donations through payroll deductions, although you might call it income tax. Now I've taken a public finance course so I understand that somethings are just better off being public goods. Fine, great agreed. But really 1/3 of my annual income (which is not the greatest sum in the first place) goes back to the government to spend as they please. And spend they do. Funny though how if you take away that 1/3 of my income I suddenly have as much disposable income as those considered low income who receive payments from the government to top up their incomes (not to mention live in subsidies housing).

I'm not sure that I'm all for a progressive tax system but even if I was, this clearly is NOT it. Don't get me wrong I definitely donate to charity when I could afford it, but I prefer to choose which ones I donate too. Not be told by the government that my money will be going to support their causes.

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