Monday, October 06, 2008

Warning: Political Content Ahead

I'm amused. I love elections because they provide a reason for people to talk about the way that they view the world. It doesn't really matter which side of the political spectrum you're on, your opinions are important. Informed opinions are even better.

I just checked out the Liberal Green Shift calculator . It's kind of fun. Seems strange to me though that I would get an extra $150 for living in a rural area, when that really means that I'm going to have drive EVERYWHERE and there isn't a hope in hell of reducing carbon emissions by say taking public transit for example (which I do in the city). As it turns out the GreenShift would give me an extra $362 per year. Or less than $1 per day. Wait a second isn't that what it costs to feed a starving child in Africa? My favorite part is under the "how much will it cost me" tab. It will increase "some" energy costs. Right so I'm paying more for gas, hydro, and heating, but I shouldn't worry because $362 should be enough to cover it. HA!

I also can't help but enjoy this little bit of geeki-ness. Sure I hate math, but I enjoy mathematical theory, which may just be why I studied economics in the first place.

Here's some more food for thought, if the Conservatives lose this election (which based on the most recent polls isn't a complete impossibility), Stephen Harper will likely (read: definitely) be turfed as Conservative leader and then who will the Liberals and NDP accuse of eating babies? I wasn't a party member during the last leadership convention (nor am I one now for that matter), so I can't remember who was up against Harper but if they chose someone with a slightly more moderate image, likely from the PC side of the party it might not be long before we see another Conservative government. One that's likely to keep things interesting for a long time.

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