Thursday, April 03, 2008

I should NOT be at work today

I'm having such a bad day today. I've only been at work for 2 hours and already I'm pissed off. I've already ranted on how people don't do anything that could possibly be outside of the very specific parameters of their job and how they like to pass the buck. That's fine I can live with that, sure I get angry about it sometimes but it's not so bad. Worse though is when they screw up and it affects something that is within the parameters of your job and they forget to mention it to you.

This leads to you looking like you don't know how to do your job even though you actually DID do your job (and properly might I add) to external individuals. Maybe I shouldn't be so upset but I spent half an hour doing research about something that could have been a simple e-mail 2 weeks ago that would have fixed the problem long before anyone on the outside even noticed.

I'd like to think that I'm just in a bad mood because my day started off crappy. First of all I didn't sleep well last night. Really this is probably my fault as I stayed up too late chatting to people online. Though for the first time in about a week and a half I didn't have the disturbing co-worker dream. You know the one that I obsess over during my waking hours.

Secondly it was really icy outside this morning and I fell about a block from my bus stop. My hand looks perfectly fine but it hurts like hell. Thirdly, it seems like everything that I have to do this morning requires a phone call. Which I don't feel like making due to the first and second points, plus I have a sore throat. I should just go home.

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