Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Well That makes me feel better.

Just yesterday I was saying how bad I felt about changing college basketball boyfriends so quickly. But today not so much. This is a story that even the boys at work could enjoy even if they don't understand the full implications of the story.

As you know I had chosen David McClure of Duke as my college basketball boyfriend. I've since switched but that doesn't really matter to my story. So today I got off the bus on my way to work and walked through the square as I always do and there was a pretty grubby looking guy (I want to say bum but he wasn't really) wearing a Duke jacket.

Even funnier though was on the back where it was supposed to say Blue Devils, Devils had been cut out. The word had actually been cut out of the jacket leaving a rectangular hole in the back where the jacket lining was showing.

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