Monday, June 23, 2008

The waiting game

I'm the kind of girl who likes to do things on her own. Always have been. All through high school (and junior high and elementary for that matter) I was the kind of person who wanted to do group work on their own. Partly because I was kind of a loner (oh surprise, surprise) and partly because I thought I could do a better job if I did everything myself than if anyone helped me. Truth be told this actually worked out really well for me in school because well quite frankly I wanted to work harder than most of the other people I went to school with, I had more desire to do well in school. Another reason this worked so well was that the only consequence of my work was my grade.

Now that I'm in the real world that changes. I can no longer be responsible for everything and really my results don't matter. This means that it is necessary to work as part of a team and I think I've adapted well to that. What I haven't adapted well to is the waiting. For example I'm currently waiting for 3 different people to send me 3 different things so that can complete my work. My biggest fear is that they're all going to come at the same time and that I'm going to be absolutely swamped by the volume of work to be completed. I guess that's why they say patience is a virtue.

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