Monday, June 30, 2008


I have several times wondered about the creepiness of the Internet. Sure the Internet is great for keeping in touch over long distances but at the same time people are able to find things about you and you may not even have existed. Take a second to check yourself in the Google search and you'll see what I mean. For example there is definitely a horrible picture of me from a tour that I did with and old job. I can't really get rid of it but it's certainly not something I would have posted myself.

It also comes up with some profiles of people I am connected to on Facebook. Which is also kind of scary. I realize that you should never post anything about yourself that you wouldn't be comfortable with a stranger knowing. I've generally stuck to that rule, but a the same time it's difficult to control what other people to in relation to your profile. I've threatened a couple of times to remove my facebook profile, more and more as people who were in elementary school when I graduated have joined.

But the Internet has also been a wonder tool for reconnecting with people I haven't talked to in forever. For example I had a good friend in high school who was a couple of years older than I was. She moved on and then I did and we've never reconnected until last week. To put the timeline in perspective I remember discussing how hot I thought Jensen Ackles was back when he used to be on Days of Our Lives. So I guess Facebook isn't entirely evil.

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