Sunday, June 29, 2008

You know I'm actually kind of sad that it's over

As has been discussed a length as of late I'm not actually a soccer fan. However I have watched an awful lot of soccer in the past two weeks. I'd like to blame it on there not being any sports to watch, but that's not exactly true either. Anyway now that Spain has won Euro2008 and everyone in the soccer world is looking forward to World Cup 2010 in South Africa, I turn my attention back to where it should have been for the last week anyway. Wimbledon.

Some things of note at Wimbledon. As discussed here Novak Djokovic lost to Marat Safin in an early round match which makes my taking next Friday off work so that I could watch the men's semi's kind of useless, though granted Rafael Nadal is still on course to be there. Andy Roddick surprisingly (well to me anyway) went out earlier this week as well. Oh and Mario Ancic is still hanging around, that's cool.

The women's side isn't looking much better. Ana Ivanovic the number one player in the world and Wimbledon number 1 seed got the boot, along with Maria Sharapova. So chances are a Williams if going to win again this year.

A couple more sports notes while I'm on the subject. I've noticed lately that I'm not quite the sports fan that I used to be. To be a true fan you have to follow a team and know the stats and standings. I don't know if it's just that I've lost interest in that sort of thing or that I don't really have time for it anymore but it's not something that I do. Yes I still watch a lot of sports but now I find that I enjoy just watching the game that I'm watching and not really worrying about what came before. Perhaps that's why I was able to pick up on this soccer thing and actually enjoy it (very attractive men didn't hurt either). It didn't really matter to me who won that last time or who was the favorite to win.

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