Tuesday, July 01, 2008

What to do with a day off

Today is Canada Day. Which means that we all have the day off work. I probably should be much more excited about my country I can't say that I'm particularly patriotic. Obviously there are some wonderful things about living in Canada: democracy, "free" health care, government support for post secondary education. I'm not however taking part in any of the Canada Day festivities save for walking to the end of my street to get a good view of the fireworks later tonight.

You would think that with all the complaining I do about work I would be ecstatic with a day off but not so much.

So then what did I accomplish on my nearly mid-week day off from work? Not a whole hell of a lot. I didn't get up until about 9 this morning, which was wonderful as I couldn't sleep last night and ended up staying up past midnight (which is late for me). I didn't shower until nearly noon. Then I made the mistake of going out for coffee. After watching soccer for the past couple of weeks I've decided that I should probably start doing some regular physical activity, so I figured I'd walk to the Robin's that's about 3 blocks from here. No big deal except that it's freaking hot(25 Celsius) and my hair was still wet from my shower. So the water in my hair got all warm and well I'm sure you've all had the experience of doing some sort of physical activity right after showering.

Pretty much immediately when I got back home I realized that I don't have any milk and of course Safeway is closed. I watched some TV and a couple of episodes of Scrubs that I had downloaded and pissed around on the internet until about 4 when I ventured out the 7-11 for my milk. Followed by more pissing around on the internet which leads me to this exact moment in time.

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