Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day - Part 3

I've decided to take a stab and semi-live blogging the election. By semi Live-blogging I mean posting updates during commercials as I don't have wire-less internet or a TV in the room with my internet. I didn't blog for the Canadian election because I wasn't home that night.For previous posts click here:
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Oh hologram reporter, that’s some Star Trek shit right there. Awesome.

Here’s the thing about this election. If Obama happens to lose, which isn’t very likely but IF he does, I can already see a Michael Moore documentary about how McCain/Palin “stole” the election. God I hate Michael Moore. Actually I don’t hate because hating requires energy and well hating him would be a waste of energy. Sorry that was a bit of a detour.

Holy crap why does Florida account for 27 votes? Is the population a whole lot higher than in other states? Oh I like that CNN’s Florida polls are way off. As in they don’t add up to 100%. That’s kind of scary given the 27 votes.

Oh recession talk. Scary stuff. Recessions are that rainy day that people tell you, you should be saving for. I’m not actually all that worried at the moment about a recession. I guess if I lost my job I’d be a little more worried. But I’ve saved a bit and I don’t NEED to go to Scotland next summer. I want to but it’s all about tightening the belt. Sorry, that was some more tangent for you.

Oooo… Obama leading in N.C and Florida. Florida by 57%, that’s huge. Okay popular vote is 51% for Obama. But clearly the popular vote doesn’t necessarily give you a winner.

Alright this one Republican strategist is making me angry. I don’t know who he actually is, but he’s continuing to stress that “it’s early, it’s early”. Yeah we get it, you’re not willing to admit that your guy might not win.

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