Thursday, November 06, 2008

Of adverse weather and ridiculous shoes

Whenever the weather is crazy bad I am almost inevitably wearing the most inappropriate footwear. First of all I should mention that I'm all about sensible footwear. I'm not one of these girls who has 30 pairs of shoes (although my shoe collection has been growing recently), I have 2 main pairs aside from my sneakers. Brown flats to wear with brown inspired outfits and a pair of black suede casual shoes for work.

But today I had to go and wear these new shoes I bought at Payless last night, as shown on the left (aren't they cute?). Of course because I hadn't had a chance to wear them yet I didn't realize that the would cause massive blistering on the sides of my feet. So I had to walk home in pain.

Not only that but we're experiencing our first winter storm of the year, a Colorado low that's moving through the next couple of days. Yeah, screw you Colorado just for this I hope the Broncos lose tonight. But not horribly and I hope it's a really high scoring game because I'm starting Cutler. It's more freezing rain than anything else but it's cold and wet.

But hey at least it numbed my extremely sore feet. I'm starting to feel it now that they're thawing a bit though.


JTS said...

Okay I take it back. I couldn't actually wish for Jay Cutler to lose.

KEG said...

You should leave the cute shoes at work, and wear the sensible ones to and from.