Friday, November 14, 2008

Goal of the week

As usual a review of last week's goal. Actually I know there wasn't a goal last week but let's go with the week before that then , I did finish my lesson 4 reading now I just need to do the assignment for lesson 4.

This is actually a big week for my personal goals. First and foremost I want to finish the lesson 3 assignment. I've only got one question left so that should get done tonight unless I'm too tired to do anything which it's looking like I might be. Then I want to finish lesson 4, which again is just the assignment and if I actually sit down and do it on Saturday that will be the end of the course.

The final goal is to finish knitting the left mitten of the new set I'm working on for a co-worker. I enjoy knitting while I'm watching TV anyway so I thought I might as well make something nice for someone else. It also helps me use up the grey yarn I was going to use to make a sweater but then got frustrated when it was miles too big and quit working on it. So now I've got 8 balls of this fuzzy, grey stuff that's perfect for winter wear and not much else.

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