Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm disappointed

One of the disadvantages of having a rather large family (there are 6 of us excluding significant others) is that you have to come up with Christmas gifts for all of them. This was fine back when you couldn't afford much and neither could they. If you bought them a DVD or a book that was awesome. Now it's much more difficult. We all have our own money and you don't think twice about dropping $50 on something you kind of sort of want. Hell I just spent $500 shopping online.

On the other hand it's also difficult trying to come up with a list of things you want from them. So I started digging around online for things I might possibly want. One of my first stops was Where I discovered that I really want a Jay Culter bobble head for my desk. Except that it doesn't look like him at all. But I also discovered they don't have a Drew Brees bobble head. Does anyone else find that strange? I'm deeply disappointed in you NFLshop.


KEG said...

What did you buy online? I am still sorts scared of online shopping.

JTS said...

Unmentionables. I have them shipped in from South Carolina. But I heard that Canada Post rates are increasing on soft packages in January so I thought I'd better order now.