Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day - Part I can't count that high

I've decided to take a stab and semi-live blogging the election. By semi Live-blogging I mean posting updates during commercials as I don't have wire-less internet or a TV in the room with my internet. I didn't blog for the Canadian election because I wasn't home that night.For previous posts click here:
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I don’t know if I’m missing any important election news as I got a little distracted by other non-election blog posts. Well it was kind of election related but funnier.

Okay I’m back. I heard there was a big projection coming up. I’m quitting once they announce a projection for president. I’m tired and I suspect that we could have called it about an hour ago. Hooray for battleground states.

I’m still floored that McCain is under-performing Bush. Is it really more the popularity of Obama than the unpopularity of McCain? It must be. That’s the only explanation I can come up with.

Ohio called for Obama, that leaves us 194-69. Fox has bigger numbers for Obama they’re up to 200, but they’ve also got McCain’s numbers up a bit too. Not looking very conservative there Fox.

Franken is leading in Minnesota. That’s not good. What the hell is wrong with people in Minnesota. Hmm… scratch the grad school plans? Still haven’t heard from Indiana. Unless I just missed it.

Holy crap Hank Williams Junior is playing at the Republican thing. That’s pretty cool.

So CNN just went through the likelys, the maybes, and the extreme long shots for McCain and they couldn’t get to 270. Which means they SHOULD BE CALLING THIS THING. But they won’t. But looking a the map it was kind of funny. Easily 70% of the map was one shade of red or another and yet there was no way to get McCain to win. Gotta love those rural states. Even the cities in those states aren’t very big. Take North Dakota, Fargo and Grand Forks are extremely small cities.

New Mexico for Obama, Louisiana to McCain. Sadly I probably know more about the history of Louisiana than most Americans. Anyway we’re up to 199-78.

Wow that popular vote number is crazy close but not in the elector college. Funny we just talked about this at work today about how it’s not the popular vote that counts.

Oh I get why CNN won’t call it. 6 more hours of coverage. But I'm ready to call it. Let's welcome President Obama.

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