Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day - Part 5

I've decided to take a stab and semi-live blogging the election. By semi Live-blogging I mean posting updates during commercials as I don't have wire-less internet or a TV in the room with my internet. I didn't blog for the Canadian election because I wasn't home that night.For previous posts click here:
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81 to 34 now. Sorry I missed the projection so I don’t know where those came from. Pennsylvania is Obama So now it’s 102 to 34. Can we call it now?

Okay now I actually am calling bias on CNN. They’ve got at least 2 and probably more reporters in Chicago to report on the Obama campaign. That doesn’t seem odd to anyone else? Oh I’m just paranoid, okay.

Okay it looks like the Republicans have thrown in the towel. Not that they’ve announced it yet but from the report it seems pretty clear that they know it’s over.

102-43, looks like Alabama is the one they called for that. More projections to come in 1 minute. I kind of hope this is quick. I’m almost election-ed out. And just I do like to make my own verbs why do you ask?

More projections just made. 174-49, I don’t know if Minnesota to the Democrats is a surprise or not. North Dakota went McCain though which I find kind of interesting because it‘s close to Canada. I’m still waiting for results from Indiana.

Here’s why exit polls are crap. 20% of people said race was important but 55% voted for Obama when race was important. I don’t for a second believe that. I think it was important to more than 20%. Oh and now they’re discussing the whole race issue. If Obama wins does that mean that the race card goes away?

And the Democrats have a majority in the Senate, interesting. I wonder if that means that the Democrats will take a lot of heat in the next election or if they’ll just keep blaming it on Bush (or Canada).

One of the Republicans called Al Franken a lunatic. I am kind of interesting in the Minnesota senatorial race. Mostly because all of my American network television comes out of Minnesota so I’ve seen a TONNE of attack ads.

Georgia just called for McCain, bring it to 174-64. Did Obama pick up all of New England? I don’t know if everything is in there yet but everything that I’ve seen has gone Democrat.

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