Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day- Part 4

I've decided to take a stab and semi-live blogging the election. By semi Live-blogging I mean posting updates during commercials as I don't have wire-less internet or a TV in the room with my internet. I didn't blog for the Canadian election because I wasn't home that night.For previous posts click here:
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South Carolina was just projected for McCain. So we’re at 16-3. That won’t last long. See 2 minutes later we get, 77 to 34 for Obama now. That’s cool, Maine and Nebraska can split up their electoral votes. I like that, it’s more reflective of the popular vote in the State.

Yeah those interactive maps are freaking awesome. I think we’ve already established that I’m a giant dork.

I don’t understand how everyone hates G.W. Bush but McCain is not even doing as well as Bush did in the last election. Don’t get it. Okay change in demographics explain some of it. Indiana is looking kind of red map-wise but it’s kind of population centered too.
Ohio and West Virginia and New Hampshire are largely Obama. Georgia is Republican.

It’s it odd that I’m live-ish blogging election coverage but watching Greek during commercials?

I temporarily switched to Fox. So funny. It’s all about understanding the bias and then adjusting the information to suit. Seriously, I do the same thing with the CBC. I don’t know if I’ve expressed my dislike of the CBC but it’s like the Canadian equivalent to Fox except on the opposite end of the political spectrum.

What’s with the creepy choir boys at the Republican camp? I’ve noticed that CNN is showing a lot of shots of the Obama party but only one or two of the McCain camp. Maybe they just think the Obama thing is more impressive and I don’t want to call bias on CNN but it I do feel that it’s worth mentioning.

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