Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes I wonder

I'm starting to wonder about the symbiotic relationship I have with some other people. It's funny to me, I'm in the middle of a mini-breakdown and the some of people that I consider my friends are all too busy with their own stuff to help me out.

Do I just have very bad judgement when it comes to people? Do I satisfy myself with just dealing with whoever is around at the time? Never really building up true friendships but only casual acquaintances?

It's not that all of my friends are bad people, but the constant reminders about how they have other stuff they should be doing but their spending time with me. Or changing the subject when they know that what we're talking about is important to me. I admit that I can get a little annoying sometimes when I dwell on things and a little goofy about other things on occasion.

But then again some people surprise you with their willingness to discuss your issues and help you through a problem. People that you don't expect. And to those people I am grateful.

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