Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pre-game Jitters

There's a saying that goes "no one cares about you fantasy team" and you know it's probably true. But that's not going to stop me from talking about mine.

As you've seen I like to keep you updated on my team. This week I'm starting Kyle Orton at QB because well Drew Brees is on a bye week, Jay Cutler has a sketchy finger and Chicago is playing Detroit so there are points for the taking. So I'm a little nervous about the outcome.

Also if I lose my match-up this week then one of the guys will be overtaking me for first place. I've been having fun being in first place. Also because the guys are not taking the whole losing to a girl thing very well.

I think I'm probably a little too into this whole fantasy thing. It's pretty apparent when you boss starts asking you about it. But it's not like I'm checking it out at work because well it's blocked.

Yup, this is my starting QB people. If this doesn't go well I might have to pick up my own bottle of JD to ease the pain.


JTS said...

Yup you can sign me up for that Jack and coke now.

JTS said...

I also just remembered that now I have 2 Purdue QBs on my fantasy roster. Do you think it's a sign?