Friday, January 02, 2009

Boy am I Glad I Took Today Off

Oh how I love the World Junior Hockey Championships. Canada clinched their semi-final spot on New Year's Eve by beating the USA and finishing first in their pool. Sweden got the other bye to the semi-finals. Today is quarterfinals day. I just watched what is so far the upset of the tournament. Slovakia beat the USA 5-3. Mind you 2 of those Slovakia goals were into empty nets but still a win is a win. Also the Slovak goalie was pretty amazing given that they were out shot 49-19. The win was promptly followed by the traditional Slovak circle jumping thing that they do.

So Slovakia will go on to play Sweden for a shot at the gold medal. Canada will play the winner of Russia and the Czech Republic which is going down tonight.

I suppose if I had been sneaky about it I could have watched the game at work since TSN was streaming it but I wouldn't do a thing like that. Well except for when I did it last year. But that was different.

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