Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How I spent my Winter Vacation

As I'm sure I've mentioned several times I've been off work for the last 5 days. So what have I been doing?

Well I've been playing the Sims2, which passes the time quite nicely. Don't worry I'm not one of those people who trying to make a new life for them self in the game. I just like to see what kind of new challenges I can make up. I never play 2 sims the same way.

I've finished watching the 4th season of House. It's one of those shows that I really only watch when I can't come up with anything better to do. I've watched the first 4 seasons now and I'm still not sure if I like it. But I must if I keep watching it.

Also I've watched every televised game of the World Junior Hockey championships except for the one Sweden-Russia game on New Year's eve day. I was at work for that one. Well most of it, I was on lunch for part of it. Congrats to Canada on taking home the gold.

And finally I watched the entire 7th season of Smallville. I generally like Smallville but I can't be bothered trying to keep up with when new episodes are or when it's changed to a new time. Also I know that my younger brother will be getting the most recent season on DVD for Christmas. You know what I like about Smallville, besides trying to find inconsistencies with previous seasons ("continuity error"), the men they find for this show. First it was Tom Welling who is totally hot. Then Jensen Ackles who played Jason Teauge. Any one remember when he played Sammy's twin on Days of Our Lives? I was smitten. And then there was Justin Hartley (see right), who was Fox Crane on Passions before he was on Smallville as the Green Arrow/Oliver Queen.

Just for the record I watched Days of Our Lives in high school but haven't seen an episode since and as for Passions I don't watch that one either but I did see the very first episode of the show ever so I thought perhaps I owed it just a little bit of loyalty.

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