Friday, January 16, 2009

Dream Diary Episode 6: What the hell was that?

Before I get into the ridiculousness of my dream a little background about where I work. At my company we have a help line. You know like the ones on the candy bar wrappers that you call if you have questions, comments or complaints. I've always admired these people because I've never thought I'd be very good at it. Well for the next 5 weeks I'm going through an occupational familiarization exercise with this people.

This week I'm just listening, for the next two week we're getting details about all of the things that go on at the company. After that we do a week of transcription where we take notes on the calls that we get and then we're on the phones. In all of this time we have mentors to help us with any questions that we might have about the job or the things they do or the things we do at the company as a whole.

So now the dream. I dreamed that my mentor decided that I was ready to actually take calls today and then instead of sitting with me, in case I didn't know how to deal with the call they just took off and left me to answer these questions. Not only that but they were questions about things that don't even exist. And then I started getting sick. Of course I couldn't just hang up on the guy so I was trying to finish the call. Then I really was sick, but I was throwing up clothes. And then my alarm clock went off.

So that was my extremely messed up dream. I really wish I had decided to stay home today. Dreaming about being sick is not a good way to start a Friday morning.

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