Thursday, January 08, 2009

BSC Bowl reminder

I had a whole different post lined up for today, but then I changed my mind so I'll just save that one for another day.

Today's post is a reminder that it's BSC championship day. Oklahoma is playing Florida. Which means more Tim Tebow. Even though I should hate Florida, he's just so damn likeable. However the guys at work did convince me to join in on their Pro Line ticket where they picked Oklahoma. I felt a little bad but as one of them aptly pointed out now I'm in a no lose situation. If Florida wins then yay and if Oklahoma wins then I get money. Well provided we win the other 4 bets on the ticket but whatever it was 2 bucks.

So why do I love Tim Tebow? I don't really know. Well except that he's left handed so we could have tiny little left-handed babies. Actually I don't know if he's actually left-handed or he just throws with his left hand. Either way I'm cool with it. Also I'm kind of loving this picture of him But what's up with the rubber bracelets? That's kind of gay.

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JTS said...

Okay so Florida won. And I swear they said Tim Tebow is a leper during the game last night. Okay that's not exactly what they said but close enough.