Monday, January 05, 2009

Mission Accomplished

I've had all sorts of big plans in my life thus far, most of which revolve around leaving Canada. Sure everyone loves Canada and most of the time I do too. But have I mentioned that it's -32 outside which means it likely feels very much colder.

Anyway in order to do any leaving of the country now I'm required to have a passport. Okay wait that's technically not true, I can still drive across the U.S. border until June, but to fly anywhere I need to have a passport.

So I've been planning to get one done for months, since September actually. But every time I had a day off I decided that I didn't want to get out of my nice warm bed and venture into the frigid wilderness (okay it's just Winnipeg) to go to the Passport office. Which is of course ridiculous since I'm one door away from the Passport office every time I go to work. There were also a lot of setbacks, first the photos which I got done in early November, then finding 2 people that have known me for 2 years who have passports and aren't related to me and thirdly the whole going outside thing.

Anyway today I hopped a ride with my brother on his way to work he dropped me off and one stop at Starbucks and an hour later I was home and now I'm just waiting for my passport to make it's way to me in the mail.

It must have been a good Karma day for me because not only were they super nice at the passport office, since I showed up early and they didn't make me wait at all. But my bus home was also the 2nd bus to arrive at the stop. In fact I was just coming to down the stairs when it arrived.

One slightly funny incident from this morning. I apparently spelled my name wrong on my passport application. Brilliant. But I don't ever use my middle name except in official documents. So I guess that explains it.

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