Monday, January 12, 2009

Nope, that wasn't awkward at all

There is clearly something wrong with me. I am generally a serial crusher. They usually come and go and I get over it. This last one though has been sticking around forever. Every time I think that I'm almost over it, or when something happens that reminds me why I haven't made a move to this point. Seriously we're even past the flirting stage of the relationship. There is nothing there and yet sometimes I find myself thinking "what if...?"

I don't even have my fall back athlete hottie since at the moment everything is on pause. Okay I could get into hockey again. I did enjoy the World Junior's after all. But I think I've outgrown that phase. College basketball, maybe? Yeah that might work if I make sure I'm sticking to juniors and seniors otherwise it's just wrong.

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