Saturday, January 03, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I had the perfect plan for today to watch the semi-final games at the World Junior's, until I remembered that NFL playoffs start this weekend so there are games today. The first choice was easy, Atlanta vs Arizona wasn't even a game I wanted to watch so I can skip that and watch Sweden very likely kick the crap out of Slovakia, although they only beat them 3-1 in the prelims.

The second one is a whole lot tougher. The Canadians are playing the Russians which should be a fantastic game unless the Canadians get out in front early and often. The football game is the Colts vs. the Chargers. Which is probably the game of the weekend football wise. While the Colts are generally my favorite team I haven't been very good about watching them this year. There always seems to be something else to do whenever they happen to have a televised game. So I guess it will depend how the first period of the hockey game goes. If it's ugly then I'll turn to football. If it's close then I'll really have to make a game time decision.

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