Saturday, January 24, 2009

A couple of changes

I can't say that I'm going to miss NaBloPoMo. It's annoying to have to write everyday instead of just writing when you really have something to say. But at the same time it does force you to think of something to say each day even if it's just "I've got nothing to say today". 

So as I was trying to come up with something to say for last night I tweaked some of the features of my blog. First you'll notice the new background. Every once in a while I like to see if there are any new templates out there that catch my eye. I kind of like this one, at least for now. Secondly you'll notice the new GRE word of the day. I'm in full GRE study mode now as I intend to apply to grad school in the fall for the following year. And really it never hurts to expand your vocabulary. Also you might notice that I got rid of the labels along the side. They'll probably return at some point but for right now I've decided to go it without them. Oh and the Archive drop down menu. Instead of it being an expanding menu I'm going with the drop down just to make things a little neater. 


KEG said...

I like the new background!

JTS said...

Thanks, I can't promise that it's going to last very long but it's cool for now.