Friday, January 09, 2009


So a co-worker of mine was talking about watching the story of stuff. So she sent it to me to watch. Here's the thing, none of this stuff is hidden from the general public. They're right though it really is all about that golden consumption arrow. But not because the government or the TV says so, it's because people are stupid!

Look if you see something you want to buy then buy it. Do you need a new car every year? hells no. Buy a car and be done with it. I still drive a car that was built in 1995. Do you need to buy a Wii just because it exists? well no. But if you want a gaming system and it's available then go for it.

I don't know about this pollution stuff. There is a law in science that says energy can be neither created nor destroyed which always leads me to question how polluting pollution really is. Really we're just changing something that already exists in to something else.

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