Friday, July 04, 2008

And The Shopping Spree Continues

As I mentioned yesterday I went a little spend crazy. Well I took the day off work today and gave my credit card a little bit of work out. It started off fairly normally I got my hair cut. It's super short now. Well super short for me anyway. I didn't get it colored or anything, I'm leaving that for my August holidays. But still a decent cut costs some coin.

Then I went to the mall to get my glasses fixed, or at least that what I told myself when I went. The first store I visited was the Body Shop. I have a bit of a problem with that store I can't just walk by it I have to go in and of course as soon as I walk in I get the urge to spend money. So two body butters (bringing my current total to 6) and two home fragrance oils (total too many to count) later I was relieved of another 50 bucks. Then too the bookstore where I bought 3 new books (it's not like I have a distance ed course I should be working on or anything). To end my trip I did get my glasses fixed and paid my Sear bill. I also stopped in at SportCheck so see what they had left over from Euro. The answer is Greece, England and Germany. I guess no one likes a loser.

Within 5 minutes of my returning home my mom showed up at my apartment. I kind of knew she was coming into the city but I didn't actually expect her to stop and visit. Anyway it wasn't much of a visit as she was really tired and so she napped in the spare room. Then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner, which is my absolute favorite restaurant of all time but just a little pricey. Oh well I guess that means I'm going to have to be a shut in for the rest of the weekend so that I don't spend anymore.

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