Monday, July 21, 2008

Stupid People Make Me Angry

I need to start this by apologizing to KEG for being a horrible lunching partner today. I will try very very hard to be a better lunching partner tomorrow.

Now I will commence the bitching. Anyone who has ever even considered grad school is aware that unless you're planning to continue in the field in which you have your undergraduate degree (or degrees) you're going to have to take at least one pre-masters year to catch up on all of the courses that you didn't take in the first place. I had someone try to tell me that they were going to study in an Animal Science field when their first degree was in Agribusiness. Having taken some 3rd and 4th year animal science courses myself and considering either graduate work or a second degree in genetic research I was told in no uncertain terms that I would not qualify immediately for consideration for a Animal Sci masters and I would have to do at least one year of pre-masters work including Bio-Chemistry. The ensuing argument about the possibility of jumping from one field to another was kind of ridiculous.

Sure there are some graduate programs that you can sneak into with an agribusiness degree. An M.A. in Economics, yes. A MSc. in Business probably. But an MSc. in an actual science field pretty doubtful. Even for someone who has the first year Chemistry (which is not a requirement of an a BSc. in Agribusiness). Would have a hard time getting in without taking further Science courses as pre-requisites.

Oh right and complaining about a late shift when it's part of the job description for the position to which you applied plus the $45,000 starting wage does not endear you to anyone. Everyone has to take their turn on the late shift. That's just the way it is.

I apologize to anyone reading this who thinks it's about them. It probably isn't.

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