Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dream Diary Episode 4: More dreams about work.

In case you haven't noticed I obsess just a little over the whole work situation. Last night I had this very strange dream that I was being demoted at my work. Actually the situation was that I was being demoted but with a pay raise and there was a huge argument with my boss about how this was really the best situation for me because I was making more money.

The weird thing is that all of this happened while I was at a party on a boat with a bunch of people that went to my high school but were much younger than me. The boat was kind of like a cruise ship or something and it was more of a dance/ball than a party.

Logic: In the department where most of my work friends work there is a lot of speculation about a job shifts and promotions. Last week they did a whole bunch of interviews and people are still waiting to hear the results. The boat thing was probably because I was watching American Princess last night and they had a highland ball.

I'm glad I can actually use logic to figure this one out versus how these things normally work.

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