Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Wild, Wild West Part 2

There is the rest of this entry posted conviently in two parts to make reading it just a little less painful.

Now onto the Saddle Broncs. 82 points for the first rider. Wow that landing looked a little painful for Jeff Willert he kind of fell off the horse instead of jumping but he made his 8 seconds. Anthony Bello has an 86 so that 82 probably isn’t going to hold up. Wow this horse is sure jumping but didn’t really kick out so Cody Wright is going to be getting a re-ride. Wow this is the third South Dakotan of the 10 in the Saddle Broncs. And there was a buck-off. Actually the horse kind of fell down, could have been scary. These re-rides make the event seem to go on forever. Especially when it’s an event that you don’t like. Okay what’s with cowboys named Cody? Seriously it seems like there is at least one in each event here. So lowest score is 85.5.

Barrel racing is up next. Actually I think barrels is my least favorite event of all of the rodeo events. I’ve seen women fall off of their barrel horses and the horse will go ahead and finish the circuit. It makes me wonder then how much is actually the rider and how much of it is training the horse and could you hire a trainer to train the horse and then go ahead and win a bunch of barrel events? Don’t get me wrong obviously these women train hard and spend a lot of time with their horses but if you can buy a good barrel horse then you’re way more than half way to success. Oh here’s a barrel down for Lisa Lockhart, that’s 5 seconds added on to her time. So Tammy Key-Fischer had a 17.03 to qualify first for the finals.

And now for the marquee event of all rodeos the bull riding. Waste of a good bull if you ask me. So the first guy. Matt Bohon turned down a rodeo scholarship to ride on the PBR tour. First of all there are rodeo scholarships? Secondly this just proves my point about bull riders being stupid. Brian Canter scored an 85.5. Oh now they’re playing the Chicken Dance in the background, that’s exactly what you expect at a rodeo. Not. We have our first BO of the bulls, but at least Scott Schiffner got back up. Watching this I just can’t imagine that bull riding would be any fun. Although I guess I do a lot of things that people would never think are much fun either. And there’s another BO for Beau Hill. Oh I hope Tyler Thomson gets a re-ride ‘cause that sucked, the bull just stopped bucking. And the next bull just kind of got down on his front knees and that kind of ruined the whole ride for Wiley Petersen but the judges are calling it a BO. No re-rides were awarded so only 3 qualifiers.

I highly doubt I’m going to blog tonight’s finals but I hope you enjoyed my review of the qualifying round.

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