Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Not only am I a bad hockey fan I'm also a terrible person

I apparently have become and embittered old hag. At least 4 times in the last day I have used some combination of the following phrase to preface saying something truly terrible about good people:

"Okay this is going to sound horrible but..."
"don't get me wrong..."
"I'm going to be a horrible friend for saying this..."

How does someone at my age become so grouchy? I've really got to smarten up or I'm going to die bitter and alone. Well I'm already 2/3, I just hope that the dying doesn't happen for a while. Oh right I also said "well I can't be your friend anymore", but that was totally in jest and was understood as such.

No but seriously I think it's just exhaustion and frustration at the whole work situation. Tomorrow I will be doing 3 jobs because no one else knows how to do them. Which quite frankly is kind of sad given that I'm leaving my department in just over 2 weeks and that I've only been there for 8 months. It also makes you wonder what all of the permanent staff have been doing all these years. Granted it's holiday season but still. Additionally I'm not really seeing any hope for vertical movement from my current post but I'm not quite ready to jump to the next car on the career train just yet. So probably there will be much more complaining to come. I'll apologize in advance.

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