Monday, July 21, 2008

In the Name of Diversification

Right now I'm having a hard time keeping myself upright. I just ate about half a bag of Tostitos and 2 cups of my fabulous Buffalo Chicken Dip. Okay so it's not really my Buffalo Chicken Dip. I found it last year while trying to kill a little time at work. A certain work mate of mine has a bad habit of sneaking up behind me when I'm looking for recipes and scaring the crap out of me.

Anyway here's a link to the recipe. For those of you who are slightly less domestic than myself don't worry it's really not that hard and this particular site has pictures to show you exactly what each step should look like.

My recommendations:
1. Go with the blue cheese dressing. Even if blue cheese isn't your thing, and it costs way more than Ranch because you can only get it in small sizes it's totally worth it. Seriously the first several times I made it with ranch dressing (because if I don't have ranch dressing in my house I probably just moved in) and it was totally awesome but tonight I splurged on the Blue Cheese and it was incredible.

2. Uses Tostitos or some comparable chip. While the site recommends celery, vegetables are just wrong on principle.

3. Go and buy yourself one of those Safeway pre-cooked chickens. It makes the whole shredded chicken process so much easier.

4. Use Jalapeno Havarti on top. Again it costs a little more but it's kind of worth it. Although to be perfectly honest you probably can't taste the difference due to the Frank's Red Hot sauce.

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