Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dream Diary Episode 3 - And I thought that last time was messed up

Okay there is something obviously wrong with me. Last night I had the craziest dream. Actually I don't really remember much about it except that it wasn't in English.

For the record I DO NOT speak any other languages. I took a little french in high school but living in the French part of the city now I've learned just how little French I know. I also attempted to learn Czech once, didn't get very far with that one. So there is no reason for me to dream in any other language. In a "let's think about this logically" kind of way I suppose it may be because I've been watching a lot of YouTube videos in Spanish, due to my little crush of Fernando Torres. But it's not like I've understood any of it.

As we learned in this post my crazy dreams come in pairs. So the second one is even more inexplicable in the "where the hell did that come from" kind of way. The dream was set at the NHL draft, which was only a couple of weeks ago so that might make sense. The thing about the Draft is that it's a bunch of 18 year olds and yes when I was younger I used to love watching the draft. However now that I'm getting older and 18 is out of my age range I find it just a little creepy and a list of which teams drafted who is sufficient. Other weird parts of the dream include that the number 1 draft pick was from Switzerland. Which has never happened. In fact there aren't all that many Swiss players to begin with. Secondly, the guy was hot. And thirdly instead of kissing his mom, dad, siblings and girlfriend when his name was called, he was at the draft with his boyfriend. Which again to the best of my knowledge has never happened.

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