Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Living by myself can't be good for me.

As most of you know I have been roommate-less since March. Not only has this not been good for my pocketbook but it's starting to effect other part of my life. I've always been of the opinion that talking to yourself is necessarily a bad thing. Occasionally when I face a difficult problem I just need to talk it out. I used to just mumble under my breath and not really think much of it. No one heard and no one cared.

Lately I've been talking stuff out in my apartment at normal talking volume. This isn't so bad as still no one can hear me. But yesterday I caught myself doing it on the street while I was walking home. Additionally I've started saying things out loud that are best left in the deep recesses of my mind and not put out there for the general public.

The worst is when I do it at work. It's not good.

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