Sunday, July 20, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

yeah I know it isn't Friday in fact it's only Sunday night but I have absolutely no desire to go to work tomorrow. I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished this weekend either even though it wasn't one of those relaxing do nothing kind of weekends. I always have this problem when I go out to the farm though.

It takes 4 hours to get there and back and it's not the world's most relaxing drive either. Plus my bed at home is really comfortable when you're actually in it but your back reminds you the next day that its not the most structurally sound bed. It's always nice to see the family though. Well except when you're arguing which always seems to happen with me and mom. Not that my mom and I aren't close but just that things always get a little heated right around the time I intend to leave.

On the plus side of going out to the farm I got to do all my laundry for free. Sure it cost me $60 to fill up my car but I saved $12 on laundry. So I'm going to call it even. So now to bed to prepare for yet another soul-crushing week at work.

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