Thursday, July 03, 2008

Goal of the Week

So I haven't done a goal of the week in quite some time. This is mostly because I was in give up and do nothing phase. I have this problem with goals. When I set a goal I have every intention of achieving that goal. When I do it's not so much an accomplishment as it is an expectation, when I don't achieve my goal I tend to berate myself. So in some way doing a goal of the week is actually more likely to be a knock against my self confidence rather than a boost to it. That said let's move on to my new goal.

Oh and normally I do this on a Friday night but I'm doing it today because I have the day off tomorrow so it's the start of my weekend now. Okay NOW we can move on to my goal of the week. This week I intend to finish sewing the dress I started way back in February. I've only got the sleeves and the bottom hem to do and then it's done. The secondary goal is to buy a digital camera so that I can post a picture of the finished product.

As for the previous goal of the week I do intend to get my glasses fixed this week. Finally.

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