Monday, July 28, 2008

At least I'm in training for the next two days

So you know how I'm constantly dealing with new work crushes even though the last one lasted pretty much a year? Well anyway, there is a new one. Actually I think I've probably mentioned this before. But anyone that I can convince to watch Shark Week deserves some crushing. Still unclear on his personal details but really that's not important.

But really this post in not about new office crush but old office crush. Yeah, yeah I know that's confusing too given that new office crush is actually 3rd office crush and old office crush could be used for either of the previous to the current office crush. And yes I'm babbling to avoid actually describing the dream I had about old office crush.

Right, so I had this strange dream about my workplace. For some reason we had a pool in our office, which doesn't sound so strange until you know that it's a swimming pool. There is definitely not a swimming pool in my work place. But anyways so for some reason old office crush and I were dating or something but hiding it, probably because at work relationships are usually a bad idea. But we weren't hiding it very well. Very strange dream. Especially since it was on a Saturday night which is usually my "there is no way I'm thinking about work tonight" night.

I am glad that I'm in training for the next couple of days which will help me to get over the internal awkwardness.

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