Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's Like a Part of Me Died

Of all of the teams that my favorite player could have signed with it had to be the team that tops my most despised list. Today was the first day of NHL free agency, and also very likely the end of the Ottawa Senators as my favorite team. Wade Redden signed with the New York Rangers for 6 years at $6.5 million per season. I have been in love with Wade Redden forever, with someone stalker-ish results. When I was in Grade 11 I wrote an essay about Wade Redden for an English class, for the record this is the most creepy thing I have ever done in relation to a professional athlete and I'd like to think that he would be somewhat flattered rather than entirely creeped out but really I was in high school. I also wrote one about Ian Thorpe for the 2000 Olympics but not the point here.

So now I'm torn, do I stick with the Sens or abandon ship and go with someone else? I won't ever be a Rangers fan but the Oilers are still pretty high up there for me. Granted I've been a horrible hockey fan as of late so maybe this shouldn't really matter to me but it still does. Gah! I'm so angry. What are the 5 stages of grieving again? Anger, denial... CRAP!

But let's throw in a picture of Wade in a Sens jersey for old times sake.

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